Finnish National Gallery - Art Collections


Works have been selected for the routes by themes or subjects. The routes follow along set paths.

Queering the art collections

Queer originally meant strange, peculiar or deviant. Later it became a term of abuse used to describe sexuality considered to be unacceptable, like homosexuality. Today the word queer is also used in a different way. In this more recent sense it stands for rebellion and resisting homogeneity – not everyone needs to be same. Today queer is understood as being about questioning and challenging norms. It is also understood as the interplay between theory and practice. All too often, theory and practice have been seen as opposing ways of perceiving the world but queer also questions this “self-evident truth”. (2013-1-31)

A Journey with Helene Schjerfbeck

This art trail takes us through works by Finland’s well-loved artist Helene Schjerfbeck, starting from the very beginning of her long career. Over nearly eight decades Schjerfbeck moved from history painting through realism and on to the simplified Modernist style she is best known for. (2012)

Meadows of the Kalevala

Welcome to the world of fairytale-like pictures of the Kalevala! The “Meadows of the Kalevala” route presents interpretations of the Finnish national epic Kalevala by various artists down through the years. Follow the route from the creation of the world to the spells and plunder of the Sampo, all the way to Väinämöinen’s last spell. The works can also be considered as individual stories. The functional tasks will guide you into bringing out your thoughts through drama, drawing and photography activities, and three-dimensional working. Let the adventure begin! (2010)

A Change of Scenery

Are you feeling restless or burning with excitement? Maybe you need a change of scenery! This route takes you on the road to see how breaking with routines and meeting different cultures has inspired artists. (2010)

Images of War

Images of War studies how artists of different eras have depicted war and unrest both in Finland and abroad. Join us on the trail, as we follow soldiers onto the field of honour and examine the sacrifices made on the home front. Let's get going! (2009)

Animal images

Hi there! I'm Humu, the adorable rabbit in Marianna Uutinen’s work of the same name. I look big in the picture, almost a metre high, and I represent the animals in the contemporary art on this route. The fourteen works of art or paired works here give you a brief insight into what artists at different times have thought of us animals, and how they have used and chosen the materials to portray us. (2008)

To the forest

Join us on a trip to the forest! The path leads you to the collections of the Ateneum, Kiasma and Sinebrychoff art museums. We approach our subject from afar as we enter a forest path, wander deep into the forest * and find our way out of there. A forest trip with our artists is soothing, refreshing and full of surprises. (2006)