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The Art Collections Online is supported by the Finnish National Gallery. It provides basic information on the works and artists represented in the collections of the Finnish National Gallery.

There are a total of 40 089 works in the collections (as per 9th March 2017). A total of 47 506 work images are currently on display.

The information about the works come from the Finnish National Gallery's Muusa database for classification, description and cataloguing.

The web service has been realized with the Wandora knowledge management and publishing environment. More details on the application at

In addition to the web service the Finnish National Gallery has an API web service and the information about the works and artists is available as a data-package.

Tips for Users

In the Art Collections Online you can browse and search artworks, artists, collections, motives and for instance follow routes that have been built around certain themes such as Helene Schjerfbecks art. The web service also contains artists\92 sketchbooks and audio guides.

Each work in the collections has its own page.

Each artist with works in the collections has his/her own page.

Some of the artists or works are introduced more extensively with texts and documentation.

The work images on this site that fall under copyright are displayed in accordance to copyright laws and agreements. Some of the work images are identification images.

Unfortunately we can't offer all the information contents and search functions in Swedish and in English because our system is based on a Finnish language information system.

You can change listing views from the main list to a text list, a gallery view or view the works one at a time.

Background of the web service

The Finnish National Gallery has shared its collection data and images of artworks in the Internet since 1995, as one of the first art museums in Europe. The effort to open up data has been continued by opening the Art Collections Online in May 2007. The web service has been improved in 2014. The development work continues.

The information on this website has been updated on March 2017.


Content production:
Working group from the Finnish National Gallery's museums and Collections Department

User interface design and programming:
Grip Studios Interactive Oy, Aki Kivelä, Olli Lyytinen

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